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From helping pharma companies get the right talent, to helping the right candidate find the right job, to providing value-added services such as talent screening, our Talent Acquisition services cover them all

We provide the following key talent-acquisition solutions and services:

  • Talent acquisition services to pharma companies for technical manpower and executive-search requirements, thereby helping them build the required technical capabilities at competitive costs
  • Placement services to pharmacy and science graduates and postgraduates i.e. candidates who hold academic degrees such as D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B.Sc, M.Sc as well as those who have a background or an expertise in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, seeking new or better job opportunities
  • Provide value-added services such as screening prospective candidates, on the basis of the clients’ requirements, the professional and educational backgrounds of candidates, and telephonic interviews with shortlisted candidates
  • As importantly, we conduct technical interviews – the most crucial part of the talent-acquisition process – that determines whether a candidate possesses the necessary technical knowledge and acumen to work with pharma products and formulations as per the industry standards and norms

Furthermore, we are skilled in designing for pharma companies the best-suited organizational structure in terms of identifying and defining the right job responsibilities, designations and work levels for a seamless flow of work through the organization.  We also specialize in facilitating the recruitment of key management personnel and providing training to the shop-floor staff.

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