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About Q3

A pharma consulting and advisory firm with rich experience and expertise in pharma manufacturing, distribution, human resources and consumer products

Welcome to Q3 Healthcare, a pharma consulting and advisory firm specializing in pharma manufacturing, operational excellence, quality management systems (QMS) and talent acquisition solutions and services. We are a team of highly skilled and trained professionals with an extensive experience of working with pharma companies of all sizes in the areas of drug development, regulatory filings and approval, contract manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

We offer a full suite of CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) Regulatory Affairs, drug development and quality compliance services through a team of in-house technical staff and experts and a wider pan-industry network comprising experienced formulation, supply chain and business development consultants.

We serve pharma companies of all sizes — from early to mid-stage pharma companies to large organizations — for a wide range of requirements, including:

Building Partnerships

Fast-growing large biotech and pharma companies with turnovers of Rs 500 crore ($70 million) and above, that are looking for contract-manufacturing partners with the right technical and quality-compliance capabilities and regulatory approvals in place

Growth and Transformation

Small and medium-sized pharma companies seeking growth and transformation by acquiring the needed technical competence and developing systems and processes aligned with global best practices

Regulatory Compliance

Pharma companies seeking approvals from international regulatory authorities like FDA (USA), WHO and others


We provide support and services to pharma companies for plant set up, upgrade and expansion. Armed with years of domain knowledge, we help companies through all the key stages of product development, from site planning to full-scale production and distribution. Examples of service areas include: regulatory-compliant layout certification, capacity planning, strategizing product-mix based on capacity, production-performance-review design


Biotech, pharma, personal care, herbal and neutri-care companies seeking mutually beneficial collaborations


Companies present in the traditional medicine, supplements and natural health product segments seeking any of the aforesaid services provided in alignment with guidelines of appropriate agencies such as FSSAI and acquisition of the requisite regulatory approvals


Candidates with educational qualifications such as D.Pharm, B.Pharm, and M.Pharm or a background or an expertise in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs seeking new or better job opportunities

Advantage Q3 Healthcare

The benefits of availing our services are numerous, including:

Reduce your business risks

Examine manufacturing feasibility with our pre-feasibility report

Achieve the quality standards as per the industry benchmarks

Achieve customer satisfaction

Reduce wastage

Optimize resources, operations, costs, achieve operational excellence and maximum profitability

On-time and efficient support for site planning, capacity planning and management, product documentation

Complete, hassle-free regulatory compliance

Reduce process variance

We can help your team

We offer customized solutions to various industries. Find out what suits your requirement best.