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"If you love what you do then it isn't work anymore" – Anon.

My work ex at Q3 Healthcare completely personifies the above adage. The work environment here is a great balance of professionalism but also forming a bond which goes far beyond the 9-5 schedule . The 8 months’ work ex at Q3 Healthcare was nothing short of a great learning curve for my own development . Today , the most fulfilling role that an employee seeks is the one where you get a 360 degree understanding of the business and you evolve more than just your current role . It’s endearingly surprising that the senior leadership at Q3 feels the same.

From learning the technicalities , regulations and the knacks of setting up a pharma plant to understanding the nuances of a P&L statement for running a business to being a part of a core team for talent acquisition ; Icouldn’t have asked for anything more ! Apart from on-the-job learning , there are a lot of traits to be picked up from the two pillars of Q3 – Ragini Ma’am and Shripad Sir . Thorough professionalism , client relationship building , time management , flexibility and modesty are my top picks.

Q3 Healthcare is truly a people’s organisation and i am immensely grateful for the opportunity provided, the time and effort invested for my holistic development and the delicious snacks to go along with piping hot tea to keep sluggishness away at all times 🙂

I wish to see Q3 Healthcare grow into an even bigger corporate firm in the future with an expanding base of satisfied clients and happy,enriched employees.

All the very best for all future endeavours!

Omkar Kabadi, Ex-employee

Q3 Healthcare

“I am happy to inform that I completed exact one year in Q3 Healthcare on 3rd May 2019. When I joined Q3 Healthcare a year back, as I had 3.5 years gap from work and as I was completely new to theconsultancy culture initially I found it difficult to match with the expectations of the job. It was the Q3 Healthcare team who took efforts to teach me the culture and working style in consulting field. Because of strong support of Proprietor of Q3 Healthcare , Ragini Ma’am who groomed me giving me ample opportunities to show my work I could successfully complete this one year period in the firm.

I am sure Q3 Healthcare will continue to provide their support and guidance, which will help me in performing the best in near future. “

Binal Prajapati, Executive Assistant

Q3 Healthcare