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Business Development

Our experience of business development combined with our vast pharmaceutical industry network helps our clients meet their business goals


Our trained and experienced consultants work with companies of all sizes at every step of the way, right from conceptualization to testing to commercial launch to full-scale production and distribution of products, to ensure that our clients realize their business objectives in the most timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our wide-ranging services and industry experience give us the capability to recommend the best procurement strategy based on our clients’ manufacturing capacity, ensure regulatory compliance and assist in taking actions to overcome challenges along the way.

Building bridges to success and growth

Working with Q3 Healthcare opens the right doors to greater business success and growth. Our industry-wide network and longstanding relationships with promoters, owners, and senior management personnel of more than a hundred manufacturing companies ensures that we are able provide our clients with numerous networking opportunities and avenues of collaborative growth. For example, we have been able to help a contract manufacturing company build a successful business partnership with a prestigious OTC brand.

Meeting and exceeding expectations

Every business is unique and so are its business-development needs. With each client, we work closely to understand their business development goals, determine the best strategy, provide access to the right people and resources and ensure that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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We can help your team

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