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Vision and


Our vision and mission make us who we are, manifested through our commitment to excellence in all of our service offerings


Q3 Healthcare’s vision is to be a one-stop solution provider to healthcare and pharma companies, helping them achieve their business goals with the right combination of men, material, and machines, and the right implementation of industry best practices in the areas of operational excellence, supply chain, quality management, business development, and talent acquisition.


Q3 Healthcare is a one-stop pharmaceuticals consulting firm whose mission is to:

  • Provide strategic, technical and hands-on operational support to enable pharma companies to successfully navigate through all the stages of drug development, in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • To leverage our experience of working with over 150 (and counting) manufacturing plants to help companies scale up from small to mid-sized to large businesses
  • Help our clients develop the right systems and processes to successfully manage the complexities that arise along the way
  • Provide expertise, guidance, and assistance to clients to help them meet the highest quality standards and get the mandatory local and international regulatory approvals
  • Provide connect to our pan-industry network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and marketers to create collaborative advantage through symbiotic alliances
  • Provide talent acquisition services for hiring of the right talent, thereby building the required technical capabilities at competitive costs
  • Go beyond consulting to put our shoulders to the wheel, where and when needed, to ensure that our clients achieve their business objectives

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