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Idea to Inception (I2I)

We work with startups as well as established companies to help launch their pharma, nutraceutical and cosmetics products. Right from the stage of ideation, we assist companies develop products that meet the highest quality standards, ensure that the products are made using the right ingredients, are rich in nutrition and natural and organic in nature.

Our product development/Idea to Inception (I2I) portfolio provides companies with the following services:

Providing a structure to the idea with the help of our domain knowledge and the vast experience of working with category-leading companies

Identifying the customer need(s) that the product fulfils, thus helping companies formulate their go-to-market strategy

Developing the most cost-effective roadmap for the developmental phases of the product

Documenting product formulation

Designing the manufacturing process

Procurement of the right, highest-quality ingredients from the right sources

Formulating the right competition-based pricing

Providing guidance on the required regulatory compliances

Identifying suitable manufacturing units
(bakeries in the case of food products)
and testing labs

Ensuring adherence to the applicable stability and label-claim requirements

Monitoring the initial trials and product pilot

Providing guidance and marketing support through our pan-industry network in the areas of branding, talking points, packaging, and distribution strategy

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